Instant loan without official income

Instant loan without official income

It is no secret that there is nowadays an employment relationship that is not closed or formalized – meaning no tax is paid, and the employee gets his pay in an envelope. This shadow economy makes it difficult for employees to obtain a loan or lease for a product simply because this income does not appear anywhere – the lender is unable to assess his true creditworthiness.

As well as young people who have reached the age of majority but have not yet entered into a formal employment relationship, they may find themselves in need of a cash loan – they do not have their official income, but that does not mean that they spend their daily lives without any money.

Nowadays, it is easier for people without official income to borrow as well, because they are offered fast loans on the Internet or fast loans. Without a formal income, fast credit can be a lifeline in situations where a shortage of money is dampened temporarily, and one knows that one can repay the credit.

Who Can Get Quick Credit?

Who Can Get Quick Credit?

All residents of Latvia who have reached at least 18 years of age – have not delayed payments and violated credit obligations. Before you borrow, evaluate your financial situation and answer the question – Can you not only get credit but also repay it?

What you will need during the borrowing process:

  • Internet connection – all borrowing exclusively on the Internet;
  • Bank account in a Latvian bank – access to its Internet bank and at least 1 cent on it;
  • Mobile phone number.

Want to borrow at a bargain too? The first Instant Loan, with no official income – at 0% – no commission – is available from several lenders. This is an opportunity to borrow up to 200 lats for up to 30 days – if you pay it back on time, this loan will not cost you a penny.

What do I need to do to get a quick loan with no official income?


1) Familiarize yourself with the fast credit companies that can offer such a loan;

2) Register on the website of the selected lender – provide necessary information;

3) Verify your identity and bank account – transfer 1 santim to the lender;

4) Indication – how much and for how long you want to borrow;

5) If you have registered correctly and applied for fast credit – you will receive an informative SMS and e-mail within a few minutes about whether the credit will be granted to you!

With no official income, fast loans are a quick and easy way to borrow, with a 30 day repayment limit. This means that when you borrow for the first time – the first loan is free – it can be repaid within 30 days. If the repayment cannot be made, then there is a paid service – extension of credit repayment.

Just remember that if you need to extend your loan repayment period


It will certainly not be as profitable as it initially seemed. There is an unlimited number of times you can make a loan repayment extension, as long as you are able to repay the credit.

Fast Official Loans – Before You Borrow, Think Well! Choose a loan amount and repayment term that will not be difficult to repay. Take a look at top lenders offers, compare them and choose the best deal here – in the loan comparison chart ! Borrow wisely and with responsibility!